Who wants to do some cool research gigs? YOU DO!

Gig Work in the MR industry is on the move at 10K Humans! The early success we've had with our Gig Economy offering are pointing in a promising new direction for us, our clients, and the respondents we've built relationships with around the globe. An idea actualized. 

Case study from a recent project: We were looking for a super niche segment of fitness band owners (IR was less than 3%!) to participate in a 4 month online community. We sent out a live "Gig" to our vetted (and quickly growing) "Hivemind Community" with details about the gig (e.g. loose specs, methodology, etc.) along with a unique QR code that could be socialized and easily tracked back to the gig worker.

Everything went according to plan; our gig workers applied for the gig and set out on a mission to socialize the opportunity both online and offline. Like magic, we were able to successfully authenticate and net what we were looking for. 

Our gig types run the gamut from niche networking, in-person intercepts, mystery shopping, translation and more AROUND. THE. GLOBE. 

This is real folks.