Active recruitment: a sensitive approach for behavioral health

Audience: B2C 

Objective:  We were looking to find people that had a high-touch relationship with the Healthcare system, specific to managing their behavioral health. Specifically, people receiving Behavioral Health care (patients) and people providing the care to Behavioral Health patients  (Caretakers or Caregivers). We wanted to learn from the patients themselves as well as those who provided care to friends or family that also have similar BH conditions to help improve the experience of someone who regularly has to check in and out of a Hospital system.  

Challenge:  This was particularly challenging because of the sensitivity of the topic, combined with the volume of hospital and in-patient stays that were required.  We needed to find people whose lives were very disrupted by their Behavioral Health but who were actively trying to manage it.  

10K Humans Active Recruitment Approach:  Recognizing that mental health is a universal topic, we leveraged various online channels where we targeted people who were on the road to sobriety, people who joined support groups for various BH conditions and we asked for referrals as well.  We also tapped into our participant community to help spread awareness and network for referrals.  Our goal with all messaging was to make it clear that the objective of research was to improve the experience and effectiveness of the medical treatments and hospitalization and that all information shared was completely confidential and would be used only for the purposes of the research.