Behavior/Category Verification

Finding the right candidates is vital for the success of any research goal. The idea of searching for participants "out in the wild", rather than via a community or panel is the foundation of 10K Humans Active Recruitment module. In short, our active recruitment methodology consists of finding participants in spaces where they naturally live online, validating the characteristics and behaviors we’re chasing before even making contact with our participants. 

Let’s say, for example, your client is wanting to speak to electric vehicle owners. Traditional recruitment strategies may cast a net for general vehicle owners and then proceed to start asking about the make and model of their car once the respondent has already begun the screening process. It’s a standard practice to collect second level validation through means of photo collection or verbal screening, but these tactics serve as a more reactionary method of validation and unfortunately are not always 100% successful in guaranteeing valid participants. Authenticity is the driving force behind 10k Humans Active Recruitment, as we dive directly into a naturally existing source of candidates that behave in the ways we’re targeting. This can take many forms depending on our goal. Coming back to our electric vehicle owners, the internet is filled with forums, groups, channels, and influencers dedicated to all things related to the category. A quick search on any popular social media platform will supply countless “rooms” where EV owners congregate and collaborate amongst one another. We can trust that these people are legitimate Tesla Model Y owners. They are actively participating in a Facebook Group with other Model Y owners and asking/answering questions and posting experiences in a space where they have nothing to gain except a sense of community. This could be taken a step further if we’re searching for “Electric Vehicle Intenders” as well. Searching for participants who state they “intend” to behave in a certain way in the future can be an extra challenge for all recruiters and researchers, often requiring much verification and scrutiny. Electric vehicle intenders would genuinely exist in space alongside owners that are fully qualified to help answer any and all questions they may have as they shop and plan for their future car. This is a natural behavior. How often do you find yourself seeking people with experience prior to making a purchase? 

This idea of behavior and category verification at the forefront of recruitment extends to almost any target; Parents/families planning for children, video game players of niche titles/genres, individuals living with uncommon ailments, brand loyalists, and B2B professionals. The list is endless and continues to grow every day. Finding participants where they live naturally online saves time, costs, and most importantly prevents anyone from slipping into a study where they do not belong. 

Once candidates are prompted to take part in the research, secondary levels of verification come smoothly and naturally during the rest of the onboarding process. Let’s imagine we’re looking for Gamers that are particularly enthusiastic about the racing genre. In our experience, participants are usually overjoyed and thrilled to share photos boasting their gaming/racing setup, as they have a sense of exclusivity from being selected from their source. This excitement from naturally verified candidates translates to an easier vetting process along with richer insights into the research. It guarantees our Gamers are in fact passionate about the racing titles they play. When you prompt a member of a community with an exciting opportunity to give feedback on a topic they already love, their passion is reflected in the data collected!

Looking for a more niche or specific group of consumers? We recommend our Active Recruitment module; searching for participants in a way that naturally verifies their behavior or category for types of qualitative or quantitative research design. Have a juicy recruitment challenge? Give 10K Humans a call!