Active recruitment: reaching motorcycle enthusiasts through networking

Audience: B2C

Objective: A major motorcycle manufacturer wanted to interview people that owned competitor brands. Their brand was aiming to understand why motorcyclists were flocking to other major US brands over their own. These insights would later influence future models and make blueprints to remain competitive in the market.

Challenge: The make, model, and year of the requested motorcycle owners was narrow with no room for flexibility based on the customer’s research goals. 

10K Humans Active Recruitment Approach: Thoroughly searching both Facebook and Reddit for specialty groups centered around riders of the requested competitor brands. Motorcycle enthusiasts are passionate - asking them to talk about their brands to receive an incentive was the easy part, building trust to onboard them and collect their information was the real hurdle! Becoming an active member of these forums and groups to build rapport among the riders themselves was an integral part of building trust to onboard participants for online interviews. Pre-emptive desk research on the specific competitor brands positioned our recruiters as experts on the motorcycles themselves, which sparked much interest in riders. Through fostering each individual relationship on a personal level, the team was able to leverage the riding communities to generate referrals and delight our client with the recruit.