Active recruitment: Recruiting a niche portion of the population for a sensitive subject of study via Reddit

Audience: B2C

Objective: Our client was seeking individuals that have either undergone, are currently undergoing, or were seriously considering IVF treatment for family planning. 

Challenge: On top of IVF recipients being a rather small portion of the US population, we need to be mindful of a potentially sensitive subject matter. 

10K Humans Active Recruitment Approach: In a true 10K Humans fashion, our team took to the internet in exploration of pages to find IVF recipients and considerers in spaces that they would be living in naturally online. Our team came across the r/IVF subreddit page. Through careful conversation with the page’s moderators, our team got permission to post on behalf of the research. The response of individuals willing to share their IVF journey was incredible. Recruitment through this page resulted in over a dozen authentic participants that contributed rich insights, resulting in a very happy research team! 

Client quote: “I have been looking through the discussion we had with the US consumers, and we got some really rich insights from them... thanks again for finding such articulate and engaged respondents!”