Active recruitment: Recruiting for a complex methodology with tight turnaround scheduling

Audience: B2C

Objective: Our team was tasked with a blended methodology that consisted of a hybrid 9-day community with various online focus groups. 

Challenge: The online community held 2 phases and ran from Wednesday until the following Friday of the next week. Selections for multiple focus groups were presented midway through the community on a weekend day, with a 24-hour turnaround time to secure participant group interview sessions and times in order of priority for the following Monday. 

10K Humans Active Recruitment Approach: Throughout recruitment via various channels, proactivity with participant availability was a crucial key in delivering the desired research results throughout fielding. From the start of the recruitment phase, candidates were probed for their availability on the target dates for session times. Candidates were then segmented in a way that would allow for them to participate in their corresponding group times. The urgency in needing to be available was reinforced at each step of communication throughout the recruitment, vetting, and confirmation steps. Setting the proper expectations at the start of research application allowed the 10K Humans team to gather discussion group confirmations quickly and efficiently with all participants pre-emptively warmed up to the possibility that they would be selected to participate in an additional research phase.