10khumans Vision Summit - New York

For those of you who do not know, 10K Humansis strictly a remote company with team members scattered across the world. It’s one of many facets of our success because we have physical boots on the ground in so many diverse locations.  Logistically, however, it makes it incredibly difficult to get everyone together at the same time. We are so spread out geographically that it's even more difficult to get time on calendars so that everyone on the team can genuinely engage with one another and build meaningful connections. 

Or at least, it was!   

Enter the 10K Humans Vision Summit or EVS for short. Each summit will be held in a different region across the globe, spanning several days. The primary purpose of these sessions is to allow our global team members to come together in an in-person setting and build upon the comradery and team spirit needed to operate as a cohesive unit.  In late October, we wrapped our very first EVS in NYC and included team members from as far away as Nejapa, San Salvador, and as close as Hoboken, New Jersey.  

While operating remotely has opened countless {digital} doors for 10K Humans and enabled us to expand our offerings and services internationally, it's experiences like this that help to remind us that being physically present can be incredibly invaluable! 

One of my colleagues and good friends who joined me at this first-ever 10K Humans Vision Summit summed it up perfectly by saying, “NYC was an epic event; full of education, vision, and team collaboration!” 

Curious as to what we got up to in New York? Check out 10K Humans LinkedIn for a video snapshot.

-Jadah Chatterton-Richmond / Operations Manager