Big London Energy

by Jay Tye

I recently attended the Quirks event in London and it felt great to be back in action in-person! If you are anything like me, all of the virtual events during COVID, no matter who was speaking, never really hit right.

You could feel (and see) the excitement and eagerness in everyone to connect and just be together in person again. It was great seeing all of the familiar faces, new faces, and all of the new MR tech companies breaking into our cool industry.

Beyond just getting to see each other again, you could feel the energy coming through in all of the presentations. While it was really interesting to get to exchange thoughts on how the industry has changed due to the pandemic, we were even more excited to get back to talking about where the business is headed in the long run.

As for 10K Humans, we’re cooking up a new, multi-tier recruitment offering, based on our evolving client needs. It’ll give us the structure to take our custom tailoring to the next level. Watch this space.

Mega props to the Quirks team for killing it and also to Tara and the Research Club team for putting on the official after-party. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at TMRE in Nashville in a couple of weeks - let’s do the damn thang! In-person!! Woot!

P.S. Anyone else hoping for dog-friendly industry conferences in 2022?! My dogs were super bummed that they couldn’t attend. They miss people too!