Active recruitment: triads - when is three a crowd?

Audience: B2C

Objective: A global leading company in the alcoholic beverage industry wanted to test a new product concept with its target audience. We were recruiting for 2-to-3 friends who consumed high-end alcoholic beverages together (in a pre-pandemic context), to recreate the social occasion and have the friends evaluate the new product together. 

Challenge: Finding a participant that qualified in the consumption and behavioral segmentation the client needed wasn’t always easy, but finding three of them that could also clear their schedules, meeting at the same time and date within our project timeline, was the real challenge.

10K Humans Active Recruitment Approach: When dealing with dyads and triads, one of the key factors for success is empowering your lead recruits. Once you have a participant that qualifies for your research, let them know they will be responsible for taking the lead with their friends - and pay them extra for it. A special reward for your lead recruit vs their friends helps set clear expectations: your lead will be in charge of ensuring that the friends will respond to the recruiter approaches, and to make sure that they will all be able to connect at the same time for the interview. The recruiter, on the other side, is responsible for offering tools and proper communication channels to ease this process, negotiating their schedule with the client, offering alternative options when there is an unexpected change of plans, and even knowing when it’s the time to stop and replace someone to avoid losing an entire group. The secret sauce of success is adding pressure with professionalism: make your leads feel they own the project and they will work with you to its success.