Active recruitment: sourcing sustainability-minded shoppers

Audience: B2C

Objective: A major online retailer wanted to speak with eco-friendly shoppers to understand what they look for when purchasing household goods. 

Challenge: Not only was this an international recruit (UK and US), but recruits also needed to be considered “eco-friendly” as determined by a typing tool. 

10K Humans Active Recruitment Approach: We crafted a highly targeted Facebook campaign that spoke to eco-friendly consumers in a way that resonated with them about the topics they loved. As a result, we were able to quickly recruit the specific audience - with all respondents being extremely passionate and articulate!

Client quote:
“I mean there is little to say other than the whole experience was one of the best I have had with 10K Humans (and the vast majority of my 10K Humans experiences have been excellent so you are way up there!)

- Communication was frequent and timely

- You were totally proactive and helpful with troubleshooting

- The google sheets format is super efficient - I LOVE IT!”