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After arriving home from IIEX in Bangkok on Friday (which was fantastic BTW!)- I spent the weekend riding my motorcycle around Austin while noodling over blockchain and how it has the potential to solve many of the current problems around data privacy and potentially revolutionize our industry. 

The crux of the problem we're facing is increasing compliance requirements around how we receive, access and manage people's data. We need a solution that makes it easier to adhere to GDPR, CCPA and all the other acronymed laws out there. 

So, how can blockchain help us (and help research participants)? 

Here's my 5 top-of-mind thoughts based on what I know about blockchain (and surely there's a lot I DON'T know- so keep that in mind plz!)

1. Decentralized data storage: This allows the data to be stored across  a secured network of computers, making it less vulnerable to hacking and data breaches. 

2. Better encryption: Because of decentralization, blockchain encryption is stronger. Unlike traditional encryption, which relies on a single central authority to secure and manage encryption keys, blockchain encryption is stored across a network (or nodes) making it infinitely more difficult for hackers to do their dastardly deeds. 

3. Immutable records: You can't alter or delete data on the blockchain. It's permanent and tamper-proof. 

4. Greater transparency: With blockchain encryption, it's possible to track and verify the authenticity of the data, which equates to better transparency and accountability for everyone. See ya later bots!! 

5. Power to the people: Our respondents (I'm starting to despise that word a bit because they're HUMANS), will have greater control over their data and can choose to share it only with companies they trust. They can choose to share what they want with who they want and even set their own price for access. The consent based data sharing capabilities with blockchain technology returns the power to the people, which I am 100% here for. 

There's a lot more to learn here as most of us are just starting to wrap our heads around it. 

The good news is that as this technology continues to become more accessible to companies (check out this Forbes article on how Mastercard is using it), mass adoption will happen because it will be seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives through the applications we use. Most people won't even know blockchain is the underlying technology, nor will they care! 

As with all new technologies, it’s worth noting that there have been several failed experiments (aka “block bombs”) with blockchain and I suspect the trial and error will continue as the tech develops and improves. 

It will be fascinating to see it evolve nonetheless so I’ll continue watching it and keep my eyes on the road ahead (especially while on my motorcycle!)

Food for thought here and would welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can best leverage blockchain to take our industry to the next level. 

Jay Tye | Chief Operating Officer

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— Expert analysis provides detailed understanding of the beneficiaries you serve, your peers in the non-profit sector, your generous donors, and more.
— Eagerness to partner with causes of all scopes and sizes, from international charities to individual teams.
— Services offered pro bono or at cost for qualifying entrants, furthering the social impact of your cause.

— Partnering with scholars across the academic landscape, we’re efforting to humanize the transgender population by understanding how they score on normal variables of personality and gender-stereotyped behavior. This large-scale quantitative project focuses on and engages with the transgender community as people, rather than as a clinical, pathologized population. Uniting academics from Loyola Marymount University, Northeastern University, and University of Rhode Island, this work aims to add to the incomplete body of scholarship on transgender people.
— Working alongside Lindz Amer and Queer Kid Stuff, we’ve conducted a multi-part brand awareness study to establish awareness of the brand and Amer’s new book Rainbow Parenting. In over twenty in-depth interviews and a rigorous quantitative survey phase, we’ve uncovered valuable insights into opportunities for customer engagement and opportunities to bolster customer financial support.
— Supporting HoMie, an Australian-based charity tackling youth homelessness, by testing innovative software from Research Goat. By conducting in-depth interviews via a variety of methods, we’ll unearth crucial insights about the customer experience at HoMie, and follow up with a large-scale quantitative survey to understand the charity’s reach.
— Assisting Hands on Tokyo as they endeavor to address disability rights and environmental issues in Japan. In response to one of Hands on Tokyo’s inspiring live events, we delivered a video reel and additional content, both featuring enhanced accessibility for Japanese and English speakers.
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