Active Recruiting vs Social Sampling

by: Jay Tye

Long gone are the days where research could only be recruited from existing databases or panels that were built over time. Shockingly, many (READ: most) research suppliers are still operating in the Days of Yore. 

Social media broke down the barrier of entry to recruiting participants for research, known in the industry as “social sampling”. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc. can all be leveraged for recruitment with a bit of know-how. 

While it is progress, the usual pitfalls exist (i.e. professional respondents that scour social media for studies, multitude of fake profiles, etc.). 

Active Recruitment takes things a step further, going beyond social sampling by using the power of people and their connections (and their connection’s connections) to target and recruit people into studies. 

Enter the Market Research Gig Economy.  

By creating and socializing paid networking gigs around the globe, we’re able to leverage the power of the people to go out into their digital and physical world to recruit qualified respondents into our studies. 

Need Maybelline makeup artists in Australia? Pediatric dentists in 10 markets across the US and Canada? Finding them on social media alone will be tough. With our Active Recruitment model we’ll deploy a “networking” gig push-notification to our vetted and profiled gig workers- paying them for their time to recruit their dentists, their friend’s dentists, their dentist’s dentist and so on. 

Our gig workers are creative and agile- leveraging their own networks both online (social media, the metaverse, Reddit, YouTube, Yelp, etc.) and offline (social meet-ups, sporting events, concerts, church, school, etc.) to sleuth their way to our target audiences. 

Active Recruiting is finding people in a way that validates the behaviors we are looking for. Combined with a robust vetting process, the caliber of respondents has never been better. 

This is the new wave.