From the Vault: A Terrifying Tequila Recruit

Like many nightmare stories, ours starts with tequila... Or rather, a tequila related recruit.

For this project - which took place  during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic - we were tasked with recruiting luxury tequila drinkers for online friendship triads and to safely recreate the casual drinking setting that friends used to enjoy in a pre-pandemic world.

While high-end tequila has been a trend for a while, finding high-end tequila drinkers in the United States to take part in research can sometimes feel like slaying werewolves. However, we have a closet full of stakes and silver bullets, so this did not scare us off. What was particularly difficult though, was finding three high-end tequila drinkers from the same friend group who were all willing to spend big money on a nice bottle.  

Once we saw that it would be easier to find suntanned vampires than luxury tequila drinking friend groups, we decided to get a little creative when concotting our outreach potion. Our secret ingredient? A pinch of viral recruitment… meaning that, we offered a substantial recruitment bonus to every luxury tequila drinker who came through our pipeline if they could find friends from their personal network who were not only high-end tequila drinkers, but were also free and willing to participate in the triad.  

Empowering our recruits not only proved to be an effective strategy to getting these triads filled but it also allowed us to save money on budget and focus our resources on expanding our pipeline rather than chasing down referrals. Ultimately, we turned this difficult recruit into a resounding success in only two short weeks... Talk about a Monster Mash!