Active recruitment: Hello Luxury! Recruiting People that have attended niche premium experiences

Audience: B2C

Objective: Our team was tasked with recruiting 14 people that have attended or experienced a very specific list of places, events, and activities… think extremely niche, high-end experiences. Examples include attending specific immersive theater shows, shows at specific dance theaters, exclusive magic shows, dining at certain premium establishments, and staying in a selection of luxury hotels.

Challenge: We were given a set list of qualifying experiences / places in which they must have experienced in order to qualify, our client then requested articulation videos speaking to the niche experiences in depth, to ensure the respondents were exactly who we needed.

10K Humans Active Recruitment Approach: Carefully crafted targeting and outreach was the first step in this two-tiered approach to capture the right audience. Using language that appeals to those of higher income and premium experience seekers, coupled with eye-catching images of the qualifying venues, restaurants, etc., was the first step in finding the right respondents. Step two came during the rescreening process. Upon careful examination of screener responses, we tailored the articulation video questions to narrow in on the exact qualifying experiences to encourage participants to share their perspective and feelings on the event / place. Probing with the right language was key in ensuring responses were authentic, and that they could speak to the detail of the experience in a way that enabled us to determine if they were the right fit for the study.

All in all - a successful, lux recruit!