From the Vault: Monsterous Minors and Frightening Focus Groups

"Kids these days" can take on a whole new meaning in recruitment, and if you're not careful - they can quickly turn your project into a nightmare situation! Recently we needed to find articulate and creative (and reliable) teens for online focus groups ... before the clock struck midnight and we all turned into pumpkins.

And while teenagers can seem like aliens at times, 10K Humans always loves a challenge (and our bag of tricks is out of this world)! Every new generation of teens feel misunderstood, but with an estimated $46 billion in reported yearly spending by American teens, there are millions of reasons for brands to better understand them. And yet while most teenagers seem like zombies glued to their phones, getting in touch with them to schedule research can be a frustrating feat to say the least.

Fortunately, for this project, we were able to whip up the perfect concoction to find these ever-elusive teens. By advertising on teen-trending platforms (Hello, TikTok!), 'speaking their language', and asking parents to refer their teenagers, we were able to turn this challenging project into a real treat.