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10k Insights

Welcome to 10k Insights, the premier full-service research department of 10k Humans.
At 10k Insights, we believe in the power of storytelling, brought to life through the meticulous gathering of qualitative and quantitative market research. Our mission is to transcend traditional data analysis, weaving the rich tapestry of human experiences into compelling narratives that not only inform but inspire actionable insights.

Our approach is rooted in the depth of ethnographic and anthropological research, allowing us to capture the essence of human behavior and cultural dynamics. By combining this depth with cutting-edge storytelling techniques, 10k Insights crafts data-rich narratives that resonate on a personal level, driving strategic decisions and innovative solutions for your business.

Our Services

Qualitative Research: Dive deep into the human experience with our ethnographic studies, in-depth interviews, and focus groups, uncovering the motivations, emotions, and contexts that drive consumer behavior.

Quantitative Research: Harness the power of numbers with our comprehensive surveys, data analytics, and statistical analyses, providing you with a solid foundation of actionable data.

Storytelling Strategy: Transform insights into compelling stories, with our expertly crafted reports, presentations, and visualizations, designed to engage stakeholders and drive action.

Join us at 10k Insights, where every piece of data tells a story, and every story is a stepping stone towards informed decision-making and strategic storytelling.

Our Methodology

At 10k Insights, our research methodology is as diverse as the human stories we seek to uncover. We integrate the best practices of qualitative and quantitative research, ensuring a holistic understanding of your market and audience.

Qualitative Excellence: Our qualitative research delves into the cultural, social, and emotional landscapes of your target audience. Through ethnographic studies, we immerse ourselves in their world, gaining insights into the nuances of human behavior and interaction. In-depth interviews and focus groups allow us to explore personal narratives, uncovering the layers of motivation and perception that influence consumer decisions.

Quantitative Rigor: Complementing our qualitative insights, our quantitative research employs rigorous data collection and analysis techniques. Surveys and statistical analyses quantify preferences, behaviors, and trends, providing a robust framework for understanding the broader market context.

Blending Science and Story: The magic happens when we blend the richness of qualitative insights with the precision of quantitative data. This multidimensional approach allows us to create a comprehensive narrative that not only tells a story but also drives actionable insights and strategic decisions.

Embark on a journey of discovery with 10k Insights, where rigorous research meets compelling storytelling, illuminating the path to innovation and success.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Discover the transformative power of 10k Insights through our curated collection of case studies and success stories. Each narrative showcases the impact of our unique blend of research and storytelling on real-world challenges.

Revolutionizing Retail: Explore how 10k Insights helped a retail giant re-imagine the customer journey, blending ethnographic research with data analytics to redesign store layouts and enhance customer engagement, leading to increased foot traffic and sales.

Innovating Healthcare: Delve into our work with a leading healthcare provider, where our in-depth interviews with patients and healthcare professionals, combined with comprehensive data analysis, informed the development of a groundbreaking digital health platform, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Transforming Tech: Witness the power of storytelling in technology, as we guide a tech startup through the complex landscape of consumer electronics. Our anthropological research into user interactions, combined with market trend analysis, shaped the development of an innovative product that bridged the gap between technology and human needs, catapulting the startup to industry leadership.

Join us at 10k Insights, where every case study is a testament to the power of integrating deep human understanding with data-driven analysis, crafting stories that drive change, innovation, and success.
— Expert analysis provides detailed understanding of the beneficiaries you serve, your peers in the non-profit sector, your generous donors, and more.
— Eagerness to partner with causes of all scopes and sizes, from international charities to individual teams.
— Services offered pro bono or at cost for qualifying entrants, furthering the social impact of your cause.

— Partnering with scholars across the academic landscape, we’re efforting to humanize the transgender population by understanding how they score on normal variables of personality and gender-stereotyped behavior. This large-scale quantitative project focuses on and engages with the transgender community as people, rather than as a clinical, pathologized population. Uniting academics from Loyola Marymount University, Northeastern University, and University of Rhode Island, this work aims to add to the incomplete body of scholarship on transgender people.
— Working alongside Lindz Amer and Queer Kid Stuff, we’ve conducted a multi-part brand awareness study to establish awareness of the brand and Amer’s new book Rainbow Parenting. In over twenty in-depth interviews and a rigorous quantitative survey phase, we’ve uncovered valuable insights into opportunities for customer engagement and opportunities to bolster customer financial support.
— Supporting HoMie, an Australian-based charity tackling youth homelessness, by testing innovative software from Research Goat. By conducting in-depth interviews via a variety of methods, we’ll unearth crucial insights about the customer experience at HoMie, and follow up with a large-scale quantitative survey to understand the charity’s reach.
— Assisting Hands on Tokyo as they endeavor to address disability rights and environmental issues in Japan. In response to one of Hands on Tokyo’s inspiring live events, we delivered a video reel and additional content, both featuring enhanced accessibility for Japanese and English speakers.