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10k Questions

Learning begins with a question, and 10k Questions revamps a classic data collection technique by doubling down on human-centric design powered by tech that moves at the speed of light. With real-time intercept interviews performed by a roster of trained gig workers, your research is verified in the moment with diverse perspectives and contextual relevance.
Real-Time Engagement
Live intercept interviews by skilled gig workers capture respondent feedback instantaneously, ensuring authentic and unfiltered responses that reflect genuine sentiments and reactions. Your dashboards allow you to track along in real time.

The Art of the Interview and Survey
AdministrationWorkers skilled in the art of asking questions are able to adapt to changing circumstances while meeting your objectives. They can also provide in-the-moment feedback as to what’s working and what isn’t, helping you understand drop-off rates or points of frustration. Their experience becomes a resource.  

Seamless Integration
This approach is about people and therefore works with any piece of software, whether it’s surveys or in-the-moment Qualitative.  If it’s got an online interface, it works.

Strategic Locations
Being able to chose the location empowers you to target specific demographics or moments, even in remote locations or hard-to-reach audiences. Identifying and engaging with the right people at the right time ensures your survey captures diverse perspectives and contextually relevant insights.  Very few things are off limits - including topically relevant conventions for b2b and we can adapt as we go along and follow what is working.  The behavior is validated by who the interceptor is and where we place them.
Built in Fraud Prevention
We can track unique links and IP addresses which becomes a lot more relevant with this methodology.  We know the person is real because we can see them.  We know they’re interested in the topic because of where we engage them.

Scalable and Effective
The scale is dictated by the number of interceptors we deploy.  When targeting specific audiences - response rates can be as high as 97%.  Incentives are fun, relevant times or information.  They are transactions that makes sense.  This isn’t limited to in the moment research but is also an effective tool for pre-recruiting longitudinal studies or face to face qual.  It’s back to basics.

Human-Centric Approach
With recognition of the importance of the human element in research, intercept interviews are designed to foster meaningful connections between researchers and respondents, creating an environment where participants feel valued, heard, and willing to share their thoughts openly.

10k Questions asks you to embrace the future of quantitative and qualitative research. Elevate your survey methodology, uncover deeper insights, and go beyond mere data collection by forging authentic connections with your audience.