We understand the power of storytelling. Stories captivate. Stories inspire. Stories resonate. Stories, by 10K Humans is an offering that will give you a vivid, immersive, and highly digestible way to engage with the insights pulled from your research.

Stories by Echo img: a camera lens in vivid colorsStories by Echo img: a camera lens in vivid colors

Stories, by 10K Humans

Gone are the days of wading through 50-slide Powerpoint decks to uncover crucial insights from research. I mean, wishful thinking but we have to start somewhere!
Our approach involves taking raw footage from your research and transforming it into compelling video narratives. Through this process, we’re able to reveal rich themes, insights, and real-life perspectives.uses Active Recruiting to find potential participants online and through social outreach.
Video is easily understood by large groups of people and we look to help foster a mindset across your organization or with stakeholders that is based on empathy and one that is something all experience levels can engage with and understand.
Our stories are created to share and crafted to inspire action across all levels of your organization. - Our participants are highly articulate, providing you with insightful and valuable responses
Elevate your insights with Stories, by Echo. Let’s bring your research to life, together.

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