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Our Mock Jury solution was born from needing an online solution to something previously only done face-to-face. We believe this new solution is actually more elegant and more robust than the original, face to face version. We think you will, too.

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Hi, we’re 10K Humans

Let's talk about Mock Jury
How can Jury Consultants find participants that are not professional pollsters, have fake profiles or simply have been overused — all while minimizing and adhering to timelines?
What is it exactly?
Mock Jury uses Active Recruiting to find potential participants online and through social outreach.
- Sourcing people from where they ‘live and breathe’ online, and validating the behavior we are looking for.
- Not relying on passive posting or databases, but instead finding them, and asking them to participate.
Why does it work?
We stand by the quality of the participants we provide, it’s in our DNA
- Active Recruitment allows us to pivot and target during the process to ensure the desired geographic and demographic juror mix is achieved
- Our participants are highly articulate, providing you with insightful and valuable responses

Cool. But what makes us different?

Let us take care of the details for you, so you can focus on the trial preparation.
- We understand the needs and concerns of Jury Consultants
- Respondents are heavily and thoroughly vetted
, through several layers of verification
- Our team loves the challenge and creativity of finding the best people
- Using Best-In-Class software to provide various ways to engage the jurors while in a secure environment
- Ensuring participants are who they say they are
- Assisting the Jury Consultant throughout the process, including prompting and reminders
- End-to-end solution from initial scoping to incentive payments

Mock Jury

Service Options
Bespoke is our default. While the Active Recruitment has three tiers (below). Mock Jury is set at our highest quality ‘White Glove’ tier as standard!
Note: all tiers include our real-time updates and dedicated Project Manager from start to finish.
Baseline: standard tier
For solid, good quality respondents. Mid to high incidence.
- Active recruitment via advertising and our participant community
- Written articulation and verbal articulation via video response
- Identity verification
Base Plus: middle tier
More targeted, specific recruitment criteria. Low to mid incidence.
- Standard Tier services, adding:
- Active recruitment via networking
- Behavioral screening criteria verified via things such as pictures and receipts
White Glove: top tier
Low incidence, niche recruits. High-profile studies, and / or needing extremely articulate or creative respondents.
- Middle Tier services, adding:
- Focus on direct outreach and tailored messaging
- Verbal rescreen
- Tech checks prior to research
- Live online support during the research

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