Community management

Research communities have shown themselves to be an innovative and effective way to conduct agile research, but ultimately are only as good as the participants. That’s not just about who those members are, but how engaged they remain during the life of the community.

Background to this landing page: a desk top full of working equipment, such as a laptop, a notebook, and some paperBackground to this landing page: a desk top full of working equipment, such as a laptop, a notebook, and some paper
This can look like this:
- Designing and structuring to align with business goals
- Creating a compelling value proposition for the members: engagement, contribution, feedback, incentives
- Creating an engaging and compelling user experience
- Monitoring the ‘health’ of your community over time, and keeping it clean

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Let's talk about Community Management
Community Management is about engagement and quality, for ROI.
What is it exactly?
It’s the strategy of building and maintaining the quality, engagement and experience of your members.

Cool. But what makes us different?

We approach each community as unique, mixing a secret sauce for each specific community.
In our mind, no two communities are alike. And we’ve seen plenty! We’ll partner with you, bringing a mixture of best-practices and years of experience, combined with keeping abreast of the latest technologies and trends, all tailored to the specific context of your community.

Community Management

Service Options
Bespoke is our default. While we can package any combination of services unique to your specific needs, below is a summary of our standard approach.

Community Design, Assessment & Clean

Why it’s important:
Making sure your member base is clean, streamlined, and strategically designed – so that it can be a powerful research tool to meet business objectives.
Strategic Workshop
Getting to the heart of what the community needs to achieve
- How the community fits with the overall goals and strategy of the business - short, mid, and long term goals
- Community composition and target customer definition
- The purpose and benefit of the community for members
- Recommended recruitment approaches & managing churn over time
- Approach to contacting and conducting research with members, frequency and method of communication Rewards design
Community Assessment & Clean
Transparency re: current community health and composition
- Member assessment and engagement ratesIdentifying types of members & any potential gaps
- Identifying engagement and devising potential re-engagement strategies
- Creating a plan for re-engagement and member culling/streamlining

Ongoing Management & Consulting

Why it’s important:
- Create workflow and organizational infrastructure
- Assist with creation/review of intake survey
- Initial programming and set up of platform
- Review and program introductory language and/or activities
- Answering participant emails, monitoring tech help requests
- Programming support
- Participant tracking and rewards administration
Weekly management
Send participants on mobile missions, shop-alongs or any other experience to capture information, reactions and decisions as they happen.
Monthly management
- Create community-based content for members (feedback loop), infographics, etc...
- Incentive Administration – pay incentives for those who choose to receive payment after earning required points
Health reports
- Participation rates (e.g. by study, email open rate, inactive community members), contact frequency
- Size & churn (e.g. newly subscribed and unsubscribed)
- Composition (e.g. demographics)
- Quarterly recommendations on: increasing engagement, assessment of rewards, community cleaning

Engagement: Community Software

A dynamic space for community interaction, research activities, and feedback loops: community software can enhance member experience and allow rich qualitative research opportunities.

Community management software is an engaging, interactive platform that facilitates in-depth qualitative research. This customizable platform helps keep members updated and engaged while providing an ideal experience for members and researchers. Examples of capabilities include…
Diary-Keeping and Journaling:
Capture rich detail by having respondents document their experiences through the use of diaries and journals.
In-The-Moment Research:
Send participants on mobile missions, shop-alongs or any other experience to capture information, reactions and decisions as they happen.
Asynchronous Research:
Connect with respondents and understand their behavior through usage tests, consumer exploration studies, brand research and more.
In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups:
Bring traditional IDIs online and move participants seamlessly between pre-assignment and in-depth discussions.
Get fast, organized, in-depth insights by using the platform’s comprehensive analysis and reporting tools.

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